New action puzzle game for iPhone & iPad

Action puzzle fans will love this game. Easy to play yet difficult to master, this simple and entertaining game will keep you hooked for hours! Available now on the AppStore!

Guess who's back!?

Yes - we're Noobware and we're back with a brand spanking new bucket of fun about to hit the AppStore next week - Bellboy. In this action puzzle game you play Jack, a young bellboy working at a classic art deco hotel. He has some long overdue holidays coming up, and he simply can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to go to Hawaii and just relax on the beach. But pretty soon he snaps back to reality and realises that it's not gonna be easy. You see, this hotel is not like any other hotel you've ever seen. In here, you are constantly moving so you better make sure that you don't run out of floor, stumble and knock over stuff let alone run into angry rabid dogs! Keeping all those things in mind, you still have to bring guests their luggage, collect their keys, take care of their pets and please their every little request… Phew! - enough talking - back to work!

Game features

Just as last time with Cheese Please, binalogue helped us out out with the design, graphics and animation bits and we have to say - they really went to town this time around. So get ready for some fun. Get ready for some action. Get ready for Bellboy. Available now on the AppStore!.

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